Monday, December 16, 2013

Why Fuller…? 
I’ve been asked on a variety of occasions why I decided to apply to Fuller Theological Seminary and not one that would be closer to home: Trinity, Asbury, Gordon-Conwell, etc.  So, I thought it would be pertinent to express a few of the main reason why I wanted to come to Fuller in the first place.  Below is a brief summary of my answer to that question and is actually an essay I wrote for my application into Fuller Theological Seminary:

When I observe the books on my shelf that have deeply impacted my worldview, ecclesiology, and theology, I take note that many of their authors are in fact alumni or former professors of Fuller. Rob Bell, Rick Warren, John Piper, and Richard J. Foster have influenced me in deep and profound ways.  I desire to be mould by the institution that formed the minds of those that have changed my life.  
GOD is in the midst of revealing to me that orthodox Christianity is vast, broad, and beautiful.  It is full of diversity, encompasses different traditions, and has many facets.  I desire my studies, relationships, and the seminary that I attend to be just as diverse.  This is one of the many reasons why I desire to attend Fuller.  In the fall 2010, over 100 denominations and 70 nations were represented at this seminary.  I want to experience, learn, and encounter the breadth and depth of Christianity, not only in the classroom, but also through the campus body.  
My vocational goals, life’s calling, and greatest aspiration is to teach, invoke, and instill the Way of Jesus in the local church.  The sacred texts were written thousands of years ago, in a language that is foreign to myself, and surrounded by a context I am not familiar with.  If one is called to teach and lead the Church, they need to be trained and equipped to properly study, exegete, and teach the scriptures.  Though the message of Jesus has never changed, the method in which it is conveyed has and will continue to change.  The leaders of Fuller know teachings will only be heard if its listeners are captivated which is shown in their partnership with the Brehm Center for Worship, Theology, and the Arts.  I desire to ascertain the wisdom of church history, skills of exegeses, counseling techniques, and amongst other subjects, in the art of the homily.  I believe that Fuller will provide me with the knowledge, skills, and passion to instruct and lead the local church in ways that will stick and invoke change.  
Fuller’s Masters of Divinity curriculum is heavy in biblical studies, theological studies, and biblical languages.  Not only is this degree designed to outfit the head of its students, but also the heart.  The other side of this program is in leadership and ministry development.  Overall, after graduating from Fuller, not only will I have obtained a greater depth and breadth of the Bible, but I will also be more mature in my walk with GOD, have a greater passion for serving the community, and be more equipped as a leader.  

Fuller Theological Seminary is known for having a deep track record of producing dynamic leaders.  They entered Fuller’s doors, left equipped, and forged new paths for the Kingdom of Heaven.  I aspire, pray, and ask that I might be given the opportunity to be one of them—a Fuller alum. 

Saturday, December 14, 2013

An Introduction
Well well well…

Where to begin?

I suppose a good place to start would be when we loaded up the big yellow truck.  With what we did not store at our parent’s homes, we packed into the back of the truck and attached the trailer with our car on top of it.  Rachel stayed in Indiana for a few more weeks before flying out in order to help her friend with her wedding, and my Pops and I began the three day trek to Southern California.  We were able to see the Blackwood clan along the way as well as the slow changing, captivating geography as we traveled westward state by state by state.  

That was a little over three months ago.  The end of August to be more specific.  A decent amount of things have taken place since that trip in the big yellow truck.  Places have been explored, trails have been hiked, family has visited, as well as papers written, books read, lectures attended, and noun and verb patterns memorized…

I would like to share of our experiences from where we are, some reflections from my studies, and tell of the community that Rachel and I are developing.  In this way, in a sense we can stay connected with our community back home: our church, our family, and our friends (and often these three are one in the same).  

So, here are my thoughts of a theological persuasion.  That is, some reflections from what I am learning (both formally and informally) as well as the stories of Rachel and I’s shenanigans during our time here at Fuller Theological Seminary.