Wednesday, November 22, 2006

As I wrote early I recently spent four days in the country of Jordan. The trip in general was somewhat of a shoulder shrug for me. I didn’t find a whole lot to be that interesting or exciting, but there were a couple of things that did enthrall me.

I’m sure this site had some historical/biblical significance to it, but I was a little distracted. As I wrote a couple of posts ago I want to build a bow. Well, my buddy Benaiah found a 30 lb flint stone for the arrowheads. I ended up digging it up with my hands and hauled it around from bus to hotel to bus to hotel to bus to hotel to bus to border checkpoint to bus to my room. This find was the highlight of my day because how cool is flint!?!

Body of a Greek God
Day two of the trip we visited the city of Ramon. We went to other places but this was the only one that was any fun. At this site were the remains of a Herculean Temple with these monstrously huge columns. The enormity of them blew me away. Also, there was a nice little museum that had some cool artifacts.

So, remember in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Indy ends up finding the Holy Grail in a palace type structure that is carved into the face of a cliff? Yea, that’s Petra and it was by far the most stellar place in all of Jordan that I visited. When we got to the path that leads into the ancient city, I booked ahead of our group because I was so excited. Ever so conveniently my batteries in my camera died right before I got to the Treasury. So, any pictures you see of that are from some of the other students here. I looked at the Treasury for about 30 seconds and then said to myself, “I’ll be back to see this later today,” so I continued to blaze a trail. I found that there was another structure somewhat similar to this one called the Monastery. It was about an hour long hike up a trail, through this mountain, which lead me to my destination. I looked at the Monastery for a little while and then opposite the Monastery I saw a large rock hill with a tall standing stone structure on top of it. When I saw those standing stones on top of that hill the first thought in my head was not the following:

“I wonder why the person(s) built the standing stones…”

“I wonder what they were commemorating as they built this…”

“How long ago was the structure built…?”

“How long did it take this person(s) to build this standing stone…?”

The only thought that was going through my head is the following:

“I have to go up there and build a bigger one…”

I wonder why that is?

What about my heart, character, ego, psyche, or DNA caused me to think in this manner?

Whatever it was I ended up spending the next three hours building a bigger, taller, better standing stone. From the time I arrived at that site until I left I carried stones, piled them up, and built higher and higher. That’s all I did and I had a blast. I felt like such a man grunting, hauling large rocks, and constructing. I spend three hours doing this and it was fantastic.

As I placed the final stone on top I then began to talk to GOD. I told Him that I wanted this to commemorate the life that He has called me to live. However, now as I sit and write this I wonder if I built it to pat myself on the back. I carved my initials, a cross, and YHWH in Hebrew, so maybe it was for mixed reasons.

I do not know…

After I was done playing with the Flintstone legos I made my way back to grab some lunch. On the way, I had some tea with a nice Nabatean girl and bought an overpriced camel bone box. I don’t know how profitable this type of business really is. At this girls store I ended up in a conversation with a British man, who has been living in Israel, concerning the absolute existence of GOD. Random.

Stupid Human Pet Tricks
On our last day in Jordan I was sitting at breakfast in between Meredith and Benaiah with a couple of elder Canadians across from me. I was eating my light breakfast when Benaiah made a statement. He said that he could blow an egg clean out of its shell. The Canadian across stated his disbelief, but I, yes I, had faith in the jungle native man named Benaiah. After a few moments of preparation the egg was ready for launch. Benaiah put his lips to end of the egg and out shot the hard boiled egg. I never saw that before and I found it to be impressive. So, I got a couple of eggs and Benaiah taught me a new trick. Oh joy.

Jordan in general was alright, but there were some major highlights in this prolonged textbook of a trip. I rode another camel, climbed some rocks, and saw a couple of stellar sites. Petra was by far the main event, so I’d definitely encourage people to go there. It was a good time and my last Field Study. So, the trip as a whole was a bittersweet symphony…

(pictures of this trip can be found below)

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