Saturday, December 14, 2013

An Introduction
Well well well…

Where to begin?

I suppose a good place to start would be when we loaded up the big yellow truck.  With what we did not store at our parent’s homes, we packed into the back of the truck and attached the trailer with our car on top of it.  Rachel stayed in Indiana for a few more weeks before flying out in order to help her friend with her wedding, and my Pops and I began the three day trek to Southern California.  We were able to see the Blackwood clan along the way as well as the slow changing, captivating geography as we traveled westward state by state by state.  

That was a little over three months ago.  The end of August to be more specific.  A decent amount of things have taken place since that trip in the big yellow truck.  Places have been explored, trails have been hiked, family has visited, as well as papers written, books read, lectures attended, and noun and verb patterns memorized…

I would like to share of our experiences from where we are, some reflections from my studies, and tell of the community that Rachel and I are developing.  In this way, in a sense we can stay connected with our community back home: our church, our family, and our friends (and often these three are one in the same).  

So, here are my thoughts of a theological persuasion.  That is, some reflections from what I am learning (both formally and informally) as well as the stories of Rachel and I’s shenanigans during our time here at Fuller Theological Seminary.  

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